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Next Gen textboard [9]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2018.09.13 [Thu] 21:26
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I am working a next gen textboard with the following features:

- Federation: Threads and their replies and shared between nodes in a network. Servers can see a list of all known servers in the network, and choose to link or delink with them
- Tagging: Rather than going to website/board/thread, users can browse the network by tags. They can also view all known threads in the network at once.

What would be other good features?

Screenshots -- https://imgur.com/a/CxhYLN8

#2 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2018.09.13 [Thu] 21:33

in this screenshot, post >>3.1 is the post from a remote server. It gets the number "3.1" because it was made in between replies #3 and #4 on the homeboard, and it gets a little globe icon to make clear that it's not from the origin board

#3 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2018.09.13 [Thu] 21:36
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One advantage of a tag-based board rather than a board-based board is that a lot of different topics can be discussed at the same entry point.
When you can pick what tags you want to follow / choose to ignore tags, you only have to go to one Textboard URL instead of opening up 5 or 10 tabs.

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#5 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2018.09.18 [Tue] 17:44
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#6 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2018.09.19 [Wed] 23:13

Pretty entertaining

#7 // Name: Admin : Date: 2018.09.22 [Sat] 22:37


More screenshots (wow it's almost to iyagi level!)

#8 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2018.09.22 [Sat] 22:40
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stickies are stupid SA baggage

#9 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2018.09.23 [Sun] 01:30

i guess you're right, but they're not all bad. If some admin wants to have a sticky, they should be able to have one

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