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Name:Board title:Site:Type:
/bbs/ 0 ☆ iyagi BBS txt
/saovq/ Secret Area of VIP Quality SAOVQ txt
/img/ Secret VIP Quality Website SAOVQ img
/dqn/ The Elitist Superstructure of DQN 4-ch txt
/net/ Internet Culture 4-ch txt
/iaa/ Internet Addicts Anonymous 4-ch txt
/all/ Weird board 4taba img
/jp/ Questions and Answers GNFOS img
/jp/ Otaku/Random Himasugi img
/jp/ VIP Culture 8ch img
/z/ Everything/Random Samachan img
/jp/ 2D/Random Ota-ch img
Sageru The Unholy Citadel of 6ch sageru txt
/lounge/ Tablecat's Lounge tablecat txt
/leftypol/ Leftist Politically Incorrect 8ch img
/lounge/ Lounge - Cool BBS goatfinger txt
/prog/ Programming Tinychan txt
/tiny/ Tinychan Tinychan talk
Letterbox Retard Rodeo post office txt
X /lounge/ sushi social sushichan img
/so/ ronery Tohno-chan img
/ot/ off topic Tohno-chan img
/hikki/ Hikikomori (shut in) 8ch img
/hikki/ NEET /Advice Uboa-chan img