This is the copyright section of the project, in order to prevent certain kinds of problems from arising in the future. It could be a more FAQ of sorts than anything.

1. What kind of license does this site/its works use?

Consider all original content on this site to be public domain. I am a big advocate of copyfree ideology. That means copy, share, modify, or otherwise do what you want with your local copies of this website. If you can find the source code to original scripts or whatever else about that are not claimed, assume it to be licensed in the same way.

You do not need to ask for permission to copy, link to, download, clone, modify, improve, rewrite, or otherwise view or edit any downloaded or reproduced code. You do not have to credit me or link back. So don't worry about what to do if you find things you like - just do what needs to be done.

If public domain doesn't work in your country, try CC0 or CC-BY. If you can't use that, use the MIT license, the BSD license, or just copyright the original work to "nobody" and any of your own patches/clones/contributions, with or without my work, can be copyrighted to yourself. Make sure to write or copy a new copyright spec if you go that route.

To the extent possible under law, has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to This work is published from: United States.

2. How do I cite you?

"Text being cited." [1]
[1] a title of your choosing -
"Some quote, snippet of a rant" (

3. Where can I actually download your stuff?

Downloading HTML documents is very easy. In most browsers, Control-S does the trick. Otherwise, try right clicking. Copying the HTML source of most pages produces an accurate copy, given you also duplicate embedded images. As far as the software used for the production of these HTML documents, see here. The "bad news" is that there is no easy way to grab my entire site at once. You're welcome to mirror it, though.

4. Other

Like my work? Feeling charitable? Well, try game, the hot new online money game. You can earn pts (points) while showing your appreciation for the work that went into all of this. Time I didn't spend working on the site was spent researching design, code, and the things I put on here.