last updated: 2015.11.02
events 1.1

minimalist event calendar script

I originally wrote this for my apartment building. It needs to be rewritten. It allows users to create public or private events, share the event links, and guests can RSVP or post comments. On top of all that, the events are displayed on a dynamic monthly calendar. It seriously needs to be rewritten.


  1. Download the directory to where you'd like it to be on your webserver
  2. chown all files and directories (read, write, execute) to the web daemon user
  3. Fix the permisions on the ./data/ dir if you really want private events to be private
  4. Modify the HTML / CSS / index.py3 as needed. It is very flexible!
  5. Try visiting the index.py3 in your browser
  6. Edit or remove events from their directory (./data/month/eventname.txt) and the calendar list (./data/cal.list) as needed.