last updated: 2016.05.16
gal v007

basic image gallery

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A user-contribution based image gallery with thumbnailing, tagging, commenting, and secure image uploads. Logging, too. Setup is pretty easy; clone the repo, and change any neccesary settings by consuling the global values near the top of the script.

variable purpose
pagn How many images to display per gallery page
cgi.maxlen Maximum filesize allowed (in bytes)

Then, also:

filename purpose syntax
images.txt image metadata (1 image per row) filename : md5hash : IP : upload time : filetype
tags.txt list of images associated with tags (1 tag per row) tag_name : image1 image2 etc


directory purpose
./html/ Templates for rendering the gallery
./img/ Image storage
./thumb/ Thumnailed versions of images (same filename)
./txt/ Image description pages
./digits/ Used to render the counter on page 0