last updated: 2016.10.29

pssh - python SSH

Simple Python3 ssh address manager, connector, FS mounter
and key generator/uploader for unpassworded or single password logins

SSHFS required for remote file mounting

variable default purpose
time_form '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M' strftime-formatted datetime format. Used for some confirmation messages.
a_loc "adds.txt" Addressbook. each row is an IP address, followed by
unix timestamp of the time last connected. Sorted by most
recently visited address to unvisited addresses (0000000000)
r_dir "./remote/" Where to mount remote SSHFS connections. This script assumes
that you want to SSH into the remote user's homedir, and mounts it
in this folder if it exists and is empty. If it does not exist, the
script creates it. (Be careful with this one!)