last updated: 2016.05.19

simple yet robust wiki

This one never did end up getting a name. It's a simple wiki, similar to the c2 wiki "wikiwiki". Pages have Markdown formatting + edit previewing, simple changelogs, CamelCase and [[Wiki]] linking styles, as well as automatic backlinking.

Installation is very simple; just grab the repo and config any settings / CSS that you want to. The main file is called index.py3, while ./pages/ stores entries (and backups!) and a file called ips.txt stores revision times and authors.

key default purpose
pages "./pages/" Location of wiki's pages and backups
links "./pages/links.txt" Page interlinking index
ips "./ips.txt" Store for IP logging and recent changes.
url "/wiki" External web address for the wiki


data files
filename syntax purpose
links.txt entry: link1 link2 link3 Links can be made between articles on the wiki. Article
interlinking is saved in a file; for each row, the first value
is an entry's name, and the rest are which articles it links to.
ips.txt ip|article|unixtime author When an article is edited, a row is added to this file. The
"unixtime author" value is the same as the second line in each
article file, after their title.