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1. Sticky[LIFE] Blogging/Whining thread  73 2020.01.27 [Mon] 20:30  
2. What's the future for 8ch?  11 2020.01.12 [Sun] 21:01  
3. [HTTPS] Secure access to 4x13  6 2020.01.01 [Wed] 11:58  
4. [NEWS] Recent headlines thread  13 2019.11.18 [Mon] 18:18  
5. [MUSIC] Share some tunes!  18 2019.11.08 [Fri] 20:02  
6. party rock  2 2020.01.02 [Thu] 05:00  
7. [Request] Preview option  18 2019.11.11 [Mon] 10:47  
8. NobumpAn Intervention  7 2019.12.26 [Thu] 20:03  
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1. Sticky [LIFE] Blogging/Whining thread [73]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.15 [Tue] 14:33
What have you done today? Anything been on your mind? Feel free to go into as much detail as necessary.

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#71 // Name: Adult number 1 dat : Date: 2020.01.23 [Thu] 23:52
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#73 // Name: RobertaDeply : Date: 2020.01.27 [Mon] 20:30

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2. What's the future for 8ch? [11]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.23 [Wed] 02:16
I kind of think 8chan is dead, 8kun will be coming soon but I don't think it'll be the same. It's a neat way of handling multiboarding (as a successor to 1chan and Drydock / AnonIB)....but NNTPchan the way does things is arguably better.

08chan (on ZeroNet) was interesting for a while but I don't see it having any lasting appeal. Federation simply makes more sense than full p2p features.

#8 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.10 [Sun] 23:45
Looks like it's dead..
#9 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.11 [Mon] 10:48
#10 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.15 [Fri] 02:36
i can only access 8kun via darknet at the time of writing, so i don't think 8kun or any structural successors will be as popular as 8chan was anytime soon,
#11 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2020.01.12 [Sun] 21:01
It's just oxygen deprivation, is all. Every time they bring it back, it's been dead for a little longer.

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3. [HTTPS] Secure access to 4x13 [6]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.28 [Mon] 18:38
Reading this board through a proxy from a non-https prospective is a chicken feed thwarting. is the place you're looking for.
Alas, for all of us, none of what was described in has seen the light, so I'm not making unrealistic expectations.

#3 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.03 [Sun] 16:10
This. HTTPS is snake oil on pretty much every anonymous site. The only information that can be gained from a site like this is shit you post publicly.
#4 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.03 [Sun] 20:49
Do know how to post useful posts? I mean, others than: "This. [template here]". Seriously!
#5 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.03 [Sun] 21:37
> Do you know how to post useful posts?
#6 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2020.01.01 [Wed] 11:58
I browse using shadowsocks. Unlike the usual proxies it actually encrypts traffic, so I'm safe.
If it really bothers you OP, you should look up on how to set it up. People in China use it extensively so it's pretty popular.

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4. [NEWS] Recent headlines [13]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.15 [Tue] 09:25
Share recent news articles & discuss them

#10 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.27 [Sun] 22:46
Police: Man high on PCP breaks into Germantown Walmart, uses hair clippers on $2 pumpkin

> GERMANTOWN, Md. (ABC7) � A PCP-induced bender led a DC man to break into a local Walmart, use hair clippers on a pumpkin and get physical with store employees, Montgomery County Police allege in court documents obtained by ABC7.
> Around 3:30 a.m. on October 1, Marqis Dudley, 26, of the 2900 block of Minnesota Avenue in SE Washington, allegedly entered the non-24-hour Walmart through the pharmacy doors. A store employee spotted Dudley allegedly kick a phone display causing a glass door to fall off its hinges. Dudley also reportedly cut a $2 pumpkin with hair clippers.
#11 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.03 [Sun] 06:30
Fox News Guest Invited to Talk About Military Dogs Blurts Out Jeffrey Epstein Didnt Kill Himself

>A former Navy SEAL invited to talk about military dogs on Jesse Watters Fox News show also offered some unprompted and unexpected thoughts about the death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
>Epstein didnt kill himself, he added.
>Alright, Watters said, at first not apparently realizing what Ritland just said. Watters then started laughing and said OK.
>Thank you for that commentary, Watters said, chuckling. Maybe more on that later.
#12 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.11 [Mon] 14:22
Researchers hack Siri, Alexa, and Google Home by shining lasers at them

>Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are vulnerable to attacks that use lasers to inject inaudible -- and sometimes invisible -- commands into the devices and surreptitiously cause them to unlock doors, visit websites, and locate, unlock, and start vehicles, researchers report in a research paper published on Monday. Dubbed Light Commands, the attack works against Facebook Portal and a variety of phones.
#13 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.18 [Mon] 18:18
As Air Pollution Spikes, Indian Bars Sell Clean Oxygen

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5. [MUSIC] Share some tunes! [18]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.26 [Sat] 02:50
Starting things off with a classic...

#15 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.07 [Thu] 11:58
^nmv I'm tard

#16 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.08 [Fri] 00:32

#17 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.08 [Fri] 00:41

#18 // Name: DSfA !8NBuQ4l6uQ : Date: 2019.11.08 [Fri] 20:02

Lovely song but the sax solo kills me!

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6. party rock [2]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.01 [Fri] 23:01 in the house tonight
#2 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2020.01.02 [Thu] 05:00
Is "party rock" cocaine?

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7. [Request] Preview option [18]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.20 [Sun] 11:22
I'd just like to propose you, the creator of this textboard, a meaningful idea: could you please add an option to preview your posts before posting them? In my point of view, that would be a wonderful idea as to prevent the errors that you can see in, for example. Give it a thought, and hopefully you still care about your
phenomenal creation.

#15 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.08 [Fri] 22:36
> Plus who quotes an entire post (>>#) and quotes just portions of it(> ) at the same time?
A lot of people, actually.

> My central point was that you were misusing the quote function.
And here I thought your central point is that I should spank myself, you giant homofaggot. You said nothing about me abusing the quote function in >>12, only that you don't know who I'm quoting. Homofaggot. Let's meet up and fight irl.
#16 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.09 [Sat] 10:06
> A lot of people, actually.
A million flies can't be wrong, am I right?

> You said nothing about me abusing the quote function in >>12
In reality, that's half true. I thought that >>12 has an implicit meaning in that you, clearly, used "> " incorrectly because the quote function is used to primarly quote other posts and/or external links like in that news thread, for instance.

Concluding, I didn't want to start a conflictual situation with you: I just wanted to give you a recommendation on how to quote other posts properly.
#17 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.11 [Mon] 09:07
Thank you for not abusing the quote function! This might motivate me to make a preview feature later when I have less on my plate.
#18 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.11 [Mon] 10:47
Spank yourself, I still want that fight. Let's meet up. Tokiko can be the judge.

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8. Nobump An Intervention [7]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.26 [Sat] 19:54
Dear tokiko,

This is an important intervention on behalf of all #jp on the issue of your increasingly belligerent behavior. You were a good boy once, but at this point you've become like a completely different person.
It was one thing when you shamelessly broke my windows. You claimed you didn't know they were mine, but I saw the wink you gave me as you drove off with your antifa friends. I could still tolerate it. But now with the rape of all those innocent tables, you've finally gone to far! I and the rest of #jp can no longer stand by idly and watch you behave like this! Do you have any idea the sort of harm you are causing the ones who love you? When you blew up that bridge, I tried to convince myself that it was just a one off incident, that it wasn't the real you, but I see the truth now! You, tokiko, have become a table raper, window breaker, and no good antifa trickster!

We implore you to see the harm you are causing yourself and others, and to correct your path before it is too late.

A concerned #jpsie

#4 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.29 [Tue] 20:43
That's a complicated question. What even is the age of consent for tables?
#5 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.29 [Tue] 23:46
Behold! Look at that faggot little ghost next to the thread title! Do you see what that is? He's trying to silence us! Stop the truth from getting out!

I thought you were better than this, tokiko. I thought you'd see the error of your ways. But instead, you try to hide the truth of your table raping fanaticism. You horrible man. You see your horrible deeds unveiled before your eyes and you don't even try to justify yourself, you just try to quickly censor it and move on.

How shameful.
Disrespectful and ungrateful of our friendship.
Don't come running back to us crying when the cops come for you, table rapist.
#6 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.03 [Sun] 23:16
Probably above. It's safe to assume that OP wouldn't publicly brag about using an underage table with his whole family.
#7 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.12.26 [Thu] 20:03

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