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What's the future for 8ch? [14]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.23 [Wed] 02:16

I kind of think 8chan is dead, 8kun will be coming soon but I don't think it'll be the same. It's a neat way of handling multiboarding (as a successor to 1chan and Drydock / AnonIB)....but NNTPchan the way does things is arguably better.

08chan (on ZeroNet) was interesting for a while but I don't see it having any lasting appeal. Federation simply makes more sense than full p2p features.

#2 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.01 [Fri] 05:20
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8chan was a fucking shithole and I hope it never comes back.

#3 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.01 [Fri] 21:13
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This. The retards on that site thought they were bringing back 4chan's glory days, but they were really just taking the cancer and cutting out the healthy bits. Everyone there was a douchy moralfag and I'm glad it's dead

#4 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.02 [Sat] 04:03

Just let it go man, 8chan was like 10 years ago.

#5 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.02 [Sat] 07:27


#6 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.03 [Sun] 06:24

Looks like 8kun is back online but it's barely loading for me. Really hit or miss. People in the IRC report that they have mixed results depending on ISP.

#7 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.08 [Fri] 00:33

8kun has been offline just about every time I've tried to access it. WTF? And I guess copypaste got subpoena'd to filipino federal court.

#8 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.10 [Sun] 23:45

Looks like it's dead..

#9 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.11 [Mon] 10:48


#10 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.15 [Fri] 02:36

i can only access 8kun via darknet at the time of writing, so i don't think 8kun or any structural successors will be as popular as 8chan was anytime soon,

#11 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2020.01.12 [Sun] 21:01

It's just oxygen deprivation, is all. Every time they bring it back, it's been dead for a little longer.

#12 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2020.02.17 [Mon] 23:34

well it looks like they tried to rename it to 8kun and even that died

#13 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2020.02.20 [Thu] 11:45

I wonder how much one could reply to one thread until the board breaks nah better not test that

#14 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2020.02.23 [Sun] 22:53


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