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Nobump An Intervention [6]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.26 [Sat] 19:54

Dear tokiko,

This is an important intervention on behalf of all #jp on the issue of your increasingly belligerent behavior. You were a good boy once, but at this point you've become like a completely different person.
It was one thing when you shamelessly broke my windows. You claimed you didn't know they were mine, but I saw the wink you gave me as you drove off with your antifa friends. I could still tolerate it. But now with the rape of all those innocent tables, you've finally gone to far! I and the rest of #jp can no longer stand by idly and watch you behave like this! Do you have any idea the sort of harm you are causing the ones who love you? When you blew up that bridge, I tried to convince myself that it was just a one off incident, that it wasn't the real you, but I see the truth now! You, tokiko, have become a table raper, window breaker, and no good antifa trickster!

We implore you to see the harm you are causing yourself and others, and to correct your path before it is too late.

A concerned #jpsie

#2 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.26 [Sat] 20:16

I, too, am concerned for you - especially after experiencing your shenanigans directly just two days ago.
My family and I were sitting around our table, eating dinner together, when suddenly, we heard the handle of the front door move. Thinking this was an attempt at burglary, I ran to the door and told my family to escape through the backyard. Upon reaching the front door, you jumped through an adjacent window. Breaking my window is one thing, but creating a distraction and then breaking my window is another. "Hey, tokiko!" I shouted. You didn't care and continued running in the direction of the table. I was too late. The plates that we had been eating from minutes ago were sent flying towards the floor. The table staggered across the floor as you thrust into it. Prying you from the table was no use; it felt like hours before you were satisfied with the damage you had done. I shouted, "Wait!" as you ran to the front of the house, fearing that you would break another window. You looked at me for a brief moment, and I said, "Please, not another window." Then you turned back towards the undamaged window, prepared to jump, stopped mid-motion, and gently turned the front door's handle.
My wife demands that you pay to repair the floor where it has been scratched and the broken window.
I demand that you fix your behavior.

#3 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.28 [Mon] 01:37
Replies: >>4, >>6

Was the table above or below the age of consent?

#4 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.29 [Tue] 20:43

That's a complicated question. What even is the age of consent for tables?

#5 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.29 [Tue] 23:46

Behold! Look at that faggot little ghost next to the thread title! Do you see what that is? He's trying to silence us! Stop the truth from getting out!

I thought you were better than this, tokiko. I thought you'd see the error of your ways. But instead, you try to hide the truth of your table raping fanaticism. You horrible man. You see your horrible deeds unveiled before your eyes and you don't even try to justify yourself, you just try to quickly censor it and move on.

How shameful.
Disrespectful and ungrateful of our friendship.
Don't come running back to us crying when the cops come for you, table rapist.

#6 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.03 [Sun] 23:16

Probably above. It's safe to assume that OP wouldn't publicly brag about using an underage table with his whole family.

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