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[HTTPS] Secure access to 4x13 [5]

#1 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.28 [Mon] 18:38

Reading this board through a proxy from a non-https prospective is a chicken feed thwarting. https://letsencrypt.org is the place you're looking for.
Alas, for all of us, none of what was described in http://4x13.net/txt/?1571570521 has seen the light, so I'm not making unrealistic expectations.

#2 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.10.31 [Thu] 08:08
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Why do you need HTTPS? You're not posting your credit card number or anything. Nothing important happens here.

#3 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.03 [Sun] 16:10
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This. HTTPS is snake oil on pretty much every anonymous site. The only information that can be gained from a site like this is shit you post publicly.

#4 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.03 [Sun] 20:49

Do know how to post useful posts? I mean, others than: "This. [template here]". Seriously!

#5 // Name: Anonymous : Date: 2019.11.03 [Sun] 21:37

> Do you know how to post useful posts?

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