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I have a picture of Shii on my computer. I always thought he was cute... until I heard his voice >_>

There's a gold thread about him on SomethingAwful, some scandal about his alleged pedophilia, that drove him into a fury so great that it caused him to leave the world of traditional boards in lieu of AnonyMous ImageBoards and TextBoards (he even made his own, ShiiChan, which powered WorldFourCh). Formerly had a homepage at http://shii.org/. RIP a better slice of web 1.0. Waifu of 0037.

Shii, on a young Japanese schoolgirl murderer:

This is not a full list of fanart; literally hundreds of pictures have drawn. This is the very best of it, in my opinion. If you think there's something particularly good that I've missed, post it on my BBS.

From Shii's old blog:

if we do im going to sing "funny bunny" by none other than The Pillows! and im going to dress like lain

omg ive read about an 11 yr old girl named Nevada and she killed her friend with a box cutter. i love this image of her tho: [img-nevada]

she's going to be my new theme for livejournal o.0 learn more about her here: http://shii.org/nevada

i wanna cosplay her now >.<

well thats all byby!

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