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True Anonymring editors to create an account. However, IpAddresses are logged. See the FrontPage for more details. There's no reason not to post AnonyMously if you want to discuss something you feel is controversial, but anonymity does not give you permission to be obnoxious, either

Anonymous is known to be a jerk. This may be due to the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory (GIFT), which states:

Normal person + Anonymity + Audience
        Total Fuckwad

Others argue that....

 Identity + Audience + Informal Chat 

Take your pick. With Anonymity, you at least have a RightToVanish. Some sites which can be used to justify the existence of anonymous communities include RedDit, HackerNews, and SlashDot.

A lot of places where Anon hangs out are considered to be worst places on the internet. You have been warned. These include FourChan and JayPee.


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