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A textboard is a special kind of Japanese forum that is more like a guestbook than traditional forum software. They tend to be AnonyMous, not requiring an account to post.

Examples of TextBoards:

A "who's who" and "where's where":

Site Script Notes/admin
TwoChannelX ??? (largest forum in the world)
WorldTwoCh KareHa Ran by 0037
WorldFourCh ShiiChan Used to run on FourChan and had a ton of boards. It sucked and is dead.
SaOvq EmanonBbs Continuation of 2006 board that ran KareHa
SageruOrg KareHa By MeltingWax since 2006
TableCat TableCat Cat on a table, perl and stuff
IyagiBbs IyagiBbs Shoutout to FourByThirteen's BBS!
dis.TinyChan 2ch mode Also features an alternative, modern Textboard.
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