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2018.06.01 [Fri] 01:00 [/misc/]
The meeting with Sargon and friends

1845 -- the hallway is utterly packed and it doesn't smell great. A guy in a Kekistani shirt is guarding the door in. There's a large group of Chinese tourists, maybe 8-10, next to us.

1910 -- alt-right professor Peter Boghossian walks down the line toward us, says Ni Hao and makes a bit more small talk with the group of Chinese tourists. He shakes his hand with a bunch of students but then stops when he sees me, looks at me, and heads inside. I don't know what his deal is. When I took his classes, he gave me A's.

1930 -- the doors open. I walk toward the last door and grab some nice 4th row seats, center of the floor, right behind VIP and media recording. Then some sweaty nerds say, "Well... I don't see anyone sitting in this chair next to you, so I'm sitting here," so I move to find someplace with space.


2018.03.31 [Sat] 21:18 [/tech/]

So I've been working on Lispmark some more...

and I've been working with languages that are higher level than Rust, and reading a lot of concurrent programming stuff. also been studying operating systems and comparing their source codes against each other which is rewarding

Would anyone like to help plan out the future of lispmark?

2018.02.25 [Sun] 22:00 [/life/]
february 2018

Recent updates:

These past 4 months have been pretty wild. In November, I was pretty involved with a new local political group, and saw it through to its completion. In October and December I began investing time into the world of internet politics again while finishing my school term. My empiricism class wasn't anything to write home about, and my C++ / OOP class just made me hate C++ and OOP more than I already did.

2017.10.28 [Sat] 00:01 [/tech/]
current software

After a fresh Linux install, here's what I'm working with:



2017.09.30 [Sat] 23:30 [/life/]
September, 2017

Hey folks,

I'm busy getting involved with local activism
Having formerly been on board with Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign and finding myself squarely in the green quadrant of the political compass now, my political development's been shifting -- and Trump's only been making me feel a stronger sense of duty toward developing a philosophical system/approach to the issues. Being in Portland, studying philosophy at a liberal university, and from associating with serious and thoughtful socialists and anarchists, I've been tackling many issues in the field of political science from an analytic perspective : one which is often undervalued when dealing with Marxism, a field dominated by Hegelians and postmodernists (wretch)

No, I'm not a tankie or SJW.

As my academic and political life progress this quarter, I'll be dropping a few decent essays and field notes here. In preparation for my future political event, I've minimized my social media presence. Apologies for not posting on Twitter.

Stay tuned.

2017.07.26 [Wed] 23:30 [/tech/]
Twitter (sarcastic)

Don't use twitter!

This is half joking, but I just got banned today on twitter.

I asked someone a while back, are you retarded?

... and got hit with a ban for a report filed sometime earlier today.

Warning: offensive language follows!


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