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2017.04.20 [Thu] 17:30 [/life/]
sakuracon 2017

Sakuracon 2017 was a great experience. I'm glad I was able to meet so many great friends and it was wonderful to go on a little vacation.

I'll post notes and update this post with time.

Still working on LispMark, Iyagi BBS, and a few other projects. Sorry for the lack of updates -- I've had WiFi problems and been busy otherwise.

Also working with a friend to record music for a 4x13 music label! (!!!!)

2017.03.29 [Wed] 01:00 [/tech/]
xfce hotkeys

Here are my hotkeys which I've added to XFCE to make it more keyboard friendly.

Get dmenu (source), described as an efficient dynamic menu for X.

xfce4-keyboard-settings > Application Shortcuts 

dmenu_run       Super+r
seamonkey       Super+s
xfce4-terminal  Super+t
xkill           Super+q

xfce4-settings-editor > xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts

<Super>a     tile_left_key
<Super>d     tile_right_key
<Super>e     hide_window_key
<Super>w     maximize_window_key
<Super>j     cycle_windows_key
<Super>k     cycle_reverse_windows_key

2017.03.27 [Mon] 21:30 [/meta/]
Forums / Wiki reopened

The forum and wiki are reopened.

The /list/ has also been updated.

Please abide by the golden rules: don't spam or break the law!

2017.03.26 [Sun] 16:00 [/meta/]
We return

Hello friends! Some good news for 4x13's updates:

Sorry to all those for whom the downtime negatively affected, and to anyone whose data wasn't copied over.

Everyone else is great; much love. The messages of concern were very reaffirming. You can contact me if you would like a Slackware shell / services hosted.

Here's to 5 more years.


2017.02.25 [Sat] 19:35 [/tech/]
new forum

I also wanted to add:

a new forum is in development. It's intended to be a light, classic webforum.

JS wizards are invited to contribute code...

2017.02.25 [Sat] 19:30 [/meta/]
Wiki reopened

I decided to re-open my wiki due to popular demand.

Sometime within the next month, I'll add the following features:

Please don't spam or get in dumb edit wars.
It only takes a few morons to ruin something that's fun for a bunch of people.

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