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2017.02.25 [Sat] 19:35 [/tech/]
new forum

I also wanted to add:

a new forum is in development. It's intended to be a light, classic webforum.

JS wizards are invited to contribute code...

2017.02.25 [Sat] 19:30 [/meta/]
Wiki reopened

I decided to re-open my wiki due to popular demand.

Sometime within the next month, I'll add the following features:

Please don't spam or get in dumb edit wars.
It only takes a few morons to ruin something that's fun for a bunch of people.

2017.02.23 [Thu] 23:00 [/]
new diabetes treatment

This news is pretty exciting if true.... Fasting diet 'regenerates diabetic pancreas'

People spend five days on a low calorie, low protein, low carbohydrate but high unsaturated-fat diet. Then they have 25 days eating what they want - so overall it mimics periods of feast and famine.

Dr Valter Longo, from the University of Southern California, said: "Our conclusion is that by pushing the mice into an extreme state and then bringing them back - by starving them and then feeding them again - the cells in the pancreas are triggered to use some kind of developmental reprogramming that rebuilds the part of the organ that's no longer functioning."

There were benefits in both type-1 and type-2 diabetes in the mouse experiments. Further tests on tissue samples from people with type-1 diabetes produced similar effects.

I've used different insulins, I've used the pump, but NOTHING would be better than going without it or tapering off.... perhaps partial regrowth of pancreatic beta cells could be improved with verapamil, which was suggested to also contribute to pancreatic beta cell regrowth.

(unfortunately -- type 1 diabetes is considered an auto-immune disease -- the body attacks its own beta cells to produce the hyperglycemic state)

2017.02.17 [Thu] 00:30 [/life/]
vaping for starters

Vaping -- of controversial fashion value but guaranteed health benefits -- is a form of ingesting nicotine gaining in popularity. The practice of inhaling and expelling vapor is similar to cigarette smoking, but tastes much better, generates nearly no smell / second hand effects, and seems to be pretty harmless on people's lungs. Here's my primer on vaping, for people who are interested in making the switch.


2017.02.09 [Thu] 00:00 [/life/]
Tobacco reviews

Here's some pipe tobacco reviews

Pipe collection


2016.12.23 [Fri] 18:00 [/life/]
End of the year

Well, here's just a brief review of what's gone on this year:

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