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:: 00chan progress

@2018.09.22 [Sat] 22:50 in /meta/

Latest updates for my new board software "00chan" :

Thread box Thread preview Thread view Capcode stuff


:: iyagi modtools

@2018.09.15 [Sat] 22:30 in /

I may be the only person in the entire world using iyagi, but there is now a moderation tool:


1  -  del_thread -- Delete a thread
2  -  mod_post -- Modify a post (delete it, or warn the user)
3  -  mod_thread -- Lock / sticky / stickylock / permasage /nothing a thread

This makes it a little easier to moderate the board.

I wrote this all in a cafe! Simple installation and use:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/153/iyagi-bbs/master/mod.py chmod +x ./mod.py

Should work with all version of iyagi.

Future features will be banning users / badwords using this tool . right now it can only remove or modify posts.

:: bbs reopened

@2018.09.14 [Fri] 20:25 in /meta/

iyagi BBS has been updated to include the following features:

You can browse /bbs/ at http://4x13.net/bbs/

:: Subsites reopened

@2018.09.11 [Tue] 01:15 in /meta/

I've reopened the /wiki/ and /gal/lery. They'll be closed again if they are abused, but until then, please enjoy the free services. If you like the software, please install it on your own server :)

:: New Beats

@2018.09.11 [Tue] 01:00 in /tech/

Here's a new clock format I invented called "new beats".

Rather than tracking a 24 hour day with 60 minute hours of 60 seconds per minute, (from 00:00:01 -- 24:60:60) beats divides a day into "beats" ( @000 - @999). The beats time of @000 begins at UTC0; UTC0 noon is @500; and the last "beat" before midnight is @999.

A beat lasts for about 1 minute and 26 seconds.

"Wait," the reader asks; "what do you mean, UTC-0? And isn't this Swatch's beats?" Well... that's where you're wrong. Swatch's beat system came first, sure, but it's based around the idea that UTC+1 should be the basis of timekeeping because Swatch is located there. The name of Swatch Beats also reflects the true nature of Swatch's interest in beats: free advertising.

Because Swatch has done absolutely nothing to encourage the adoption or use of Beats time since the early 2000s, and because basing the day around UTC+1 is stupid, I am "forking" from Swatch Beats to New Beats.

A formal RFC may be filed in the future.

In the meanwhile, here's python code to calculate "new beats"...

import time

btime = time.strftime("%H %M %S", time.gmtime(time.time()))
btime = [int(a) for a in btime.split(" ")]
btime = int(((btime[0] * 3600) + (btime[1] * 60) + btime[2])/86.4)


See how simple it is? There's 864,000 seconds in a day, so 864000 / 86.4 = 1000.

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