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2017.04.20 [Thu] 17:30 [/life/]
sakuracon 2017

Sakuracon 2017 was a great experience. I'm glad I was able to meet so many great friends and it was wonderful to go on a little vacation.

I'll post notes and update this post with time.

Still working on LispMark, Iyagi BBS, and a few other projects. Sorry for the lack of updates -- I've had WiFi problems and been busy otherwise.

Also working with a friend to record music for a 4x13 music label! (!!!!)

2017.02.17 [Thu] 00:30 [/life/]
vaping for starters

Vaping -- of controversial fashion value but guaranteed health benefits -- is a form of ingesting nicotine gaining in popularity. The practice of inhaling and expelling vapor is similar to cigarette smoking, but tastes much better, generates nearly no smell / second hand effects, and seems to be pretty harmless on people's lungs. Here's my primer on vaping, for people who are interested in making the switch.


2017.02.09 [Thu] 00:00 [/life/]
Tobacco reviews

Here's some pipe tobacco reviews

Pipe collection


2016.12.23 [Fri] 18:00 [/life/]
End of the year

Well, here's just a brief review of what's gone on this year:

2016.08.27 [Sat] 12:30 [/life/]
safety razor

A lot of men shave each day. What's the best way to do it?

The classic safety razor!

Safety razors are less common than disposable razors these days. It seems like they're currently seeing a surge in popularity, along with straight razors. Unlike straight razors, safety razors are lower maintenance and a lot closer to Bics and Gillettes in terms of operation. A good razor has a bit of weight to it and a comfortable handle, and being made of stainless steel, it should last quite a while!


2016.08.24 [Wed] 09:00 [/life/]
august 2016

Sorry for the lacks of updates, folks. I've been productive:

In addition:

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