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2017.05.24 [Wed] 14:20 [/meta/]
Fed up

I'm fed up with the guy who's decided to waste all his time trying to make the services I run on this site turn into complete garbage. ("ironic" racism, "ironic" pedophilia, abusive language, spam, ban evasion, etc). There's no longer any motivation for me to continue investing my energy into maintaining these services -- a drawback of registration-free websites.

This same individual likely also tweeted a fake bomb threat from the #jp twitter bot, associated with Sageru, which had been continuing for several years in various forms with positive reception, provoking a response from U.S. federal agents yesterday.

Closing up shop, here. Fuck you, guy. If anyone can provide information on him, it would be appreciated.

If anyone would like to continue hosting / moderating any of the subsites here please let me know.

2017.03.27 [Mon] 21:30 [/meta/]
Forums / Wiki reopened

The forum and wiki are reopened.

The /list/ has also been updated.

Please abide by the golden rules: don't spam or break the law!

2017.03.26 [Sun] 16:00 [/meta/]
We return

Hello friends! Some good news for 4x13's updates:

Sorry to all those for whom the downtime negatively affected, and to anyone whose data wasn't copied over.

Everyone else is great; much love. The messages of concern were very reaffirming. You can contact me if you would like a Slackware shell / services hosted.

Here's to 5 more years.


2017.02.25 [Sat] 19:30 [/meta/]
Wiki reopened

I decided to re-open my wiki due to popular demand.

Sometime within the next month, I'll add the following features:

Please don't spam or get in dumb edit wars.
It only takes a few morons to ruin something that's fun for a bunch of people.

2016.11.20 [Sun] 14:30 [/meta/]
Happy 4th birthday!

Today, 4x13 turns 4 years old.

Happy birthday!

2016.11.13 [Sun] 14:00 [/meta/]
wlog 2.0

It's time to release wlog2 !

Public domain, requires Python3 + Mistune + a Linux webserver.

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