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2018.06.01 [Fri] 01:00 [/misc/]
The meeting with Sargon and friends

1845 -- the hallway is utterly packed and it doesn't smell great. A guy in a Kekistani shirt is guarding the door in. There's a large group of Chinese tourists, maybe 8-10, next to us.

1910 -- alt-right professor Peter Boghossian walks down the line toward us, says Ni Hao and makes a bit more small talk with the group of Chinese tourists. He shakes his hand with a bunch of students but then stops when he sees me, looks at me, and heads inside. I don't know what his deal is. When I took his classes, he gave me A's.

1930 -- the doors open. I walk toward the last door and grab some nice 4th row seats, center of the floor, right behind VIP and media recording. Then some sweaty nerds say, "Well... I don't see anyone sitting in this chair next to you, so I'm sitting here," so I move to find someplace with space.


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