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2018.06.01 [Fri] 01:00 [/misc/]
The meeting with Sargon and friends

1845 -- the hallway is utterly packed and it doesn't smell great. A guy in a Kekistani shirt is guarding the door in. There's a large group of Chinese tourists, maybe 8-10, next to us.

1910 -- alt-right professor Peter Boghossian walks down the line toward us, says Ni Hao and makes a bit more small talk with the group of Chinese tourists. He shakes his hand with a bunch of students but then stops when he sees me, looks at me, and heads inside. I don't know what his deal is. When I took his classes, he gave me A's.

1930 -- the doors open. I walk toward the last door and grab some nice 4th row seats, center of the floor, right behind VIP and media recording. Then some sweaty nerds say, "Well... I don't see anyone sitting in this chair next to you, so I'm sitting here," so I move to find someplace with space.

1940 -- maybe this is when everyone got seated. There were probably a good 200, 300 students there with a mix of older guys mixed in too. No black people except for a plainclothes campus cop, and very few women. This was supposed to be a talk about feminism. Who knows. I was surprised how many students were from the computer science department and only saw one from philosophy.

The college republicans talk about how important free speech is and introduces the speakers. The microphone is handed off to the professor.

1941 -- fire alarms go off.

1942 -- after the professor and Sargon both get pissed about the fire alarms and talk about how they don't care if they burn to death, start cracking jokes etc, the police tell them and everyone else that they really do need to head out.

1943 -- all the older guys are lighting up cigarettes on the sky bridge

2000 -- Blah blah blah. You can just watch the livestream to see what they actually say. Worth noting: for a talk on "feminism," both guys didn't have anything nice to say about it. They made jokes about "studies" departments and used that to talk about how the new nazis and thought police work in the "higher ranks of academia." At no point does Peter Boghossian mention what his teaching credentials are. He referred to himself as a lecturer or instructor but he may have finally earned his doctorate in education (lol). He also introduces himself as an atheist and liberal and asks the audience to laugh at the irony of him speaking at a Republican event.

Boghossian also calls on the Chinese people we were near in line, saying that he had friends in China to kind of try and prove he's not racist at some point. He brings up his adopted Chinese daughter too, with some example about how teaching her classical liberalism made her too tough to get triggered or some bullshit. Sargon made a lot of cute jokes about how it's illegal for him to say certain things in England and said the word "refugees" before suddenly changing his sentence.

They wind up their talk by saying that there needs to be radical civil disobedience against cultural Marxist thought police and against nazi SJWs in academia. I don't remember everything but the frequency of the dog whistling dropped until it was completely audible at some point.

The speakers both lumped leftism, "SJW", regressive left, progressive sharia (which produced huge lulz for the audience), cultural marxism, "antifa", and every other boogeyman used by alt-lite people into a cohesive entity that seemed to have some kind of top-down structure that operated like some kind of mafia. They kind of left "feminism" and "feminists" up in the air (though they attacked gender studies a bit) and did everything but outright say that anyone left of center is a nazi. They also made jokes about how university regulations allow for protection from discrimination based on political discrimination and one of them thanked the university for allowing the KKK and neonazis, which drew a lot of loud laughter and clapping.

(spoiler alert) A convicted sex offender sat in the VIP section filming the event. So were several neo-nazis, a bunch of proud boys, incels, men talking in line about "redpilling" and "pickup," etc etc. And basically zero women or talk about feminism in their lecture on feminism.

Some of the crowd heckling was good. Most of the time I was just disgusted by how much people were clapping, laughing, cheering, etc as the talk got uglier and uglier.

Two questions that the speakers regarded as traps: "how do you feel about neoliberalism" and "how do you feel about Israel and Palestine?"

Updates to come....

2200 -- the end good night everyone

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