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2016.03.02 [Wed] 11:00 [/philo/]
election 2016

Another leap year, another season of TV game show that is popular American democracy. Following the 8 painful years of George W. Bush's time in the Oval Office, the tragedies brought into effect by Bush were not completely solved by Barack Obama, who brought offers of hope, peace, equality, and justice. Although he made some small changes which benefitted the American people, he failed to bring about the Real Change that anyone wanted, and in some cases continued the mistakes of his ultra-right predecessor.

Left or right?
Left or right?

What did Obama do wrong?

How does the American democracy fail its people?

2015.06.06 [Sat] 22:00 [/philo/]
philosophy training

In philosophy, one begins asking questions in an attempt to find peace: a solved problem, the mapped wilds. With the fall of philosophy schools, as such, one must resort to solitary contemplation to find the cure for what ails him. During my studies, I have found these to be the best:

2015.04.09 [Sat] 22:00 [/philo/]
gender studies

This paper is written as a response to John Sanford's Projecting Our Other Half, and follows an assignment for my class, PHI 369: Philosophy of Sex and Love. This is not the finished draft. It best serves as a rough overview of gender, especially when understood in relation to Sanford's paper.


2014.08.05 [Tue] 14:00 [/philo/]
compass to ethics

A great philosopher who was a pretty bad guy overall was once called out for preaching ethics while being a douche. His response: "an artist does not need to be a beautiful woman, himself, to paint beautiful women." In a way, I don't think he even has to know what beauty is, an artist. He just needs to have the eye for it and the hand for it. And through doing so, he knows beauty. For doing so, he's a bit more important than the critic. But the critic serves valuable purpose too.


2014.01.17 [Fri] 16:30 [/philo/]

Calendar systems are tough to work out. You can base them on the sunlight in a day, the temperature outside, the phase of the moon, or possibly construct one from some other resource. Of course, me being the mega-nerd I am, I have been throwing ideas for "decent calendars" around for a few years and I feel I now have something halfway presentable.


2013.11.08 [Fri] 07:45 [/philo/]
money, value, and the banker

Money is an idea.

A dollar bill is worth quite a little and worth a lot at the same time.

If we were compare the buying power of a $100 bill to the amount that someone would pay for the the paper scraps of the bill one comes across after shredding the note apart, tring to find its inner workings, we'd see that the ideological weight of a currency note infinitely outwhelms its material form.

A design on a bill is simple to recognize but almost impossible to reproduce with precision.

The difference between a standard issue currency note and a replica or copy is easy enough to see that a child can be trained to verify the origins of questionable currency.


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