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00chan progress

2018.09.22 [Sat] 22:50
in /meta/

Latest updates for my new board software "00chan" :

Thread box Thread preview Thread view Capcode stuff


iyagi modtools

2018.09.15 [Sat] 22:30
in /

I may be the only person in the entire world using iyagi, but there is now a moderation tool:


1  -  del_thread -- Delete a thread
2  -  mod_post -- Modify a post (delete it, or warn the user)
3  -  mod_thread -- Lock / sticky / stickylock / permasage /nothing a thread

This makes it a little easier to moderate the board.

I wrote this all in a cafe! Simple installation and use:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/153/iyagi-bbs/master/mod.py chmod +x ./mod.py

Should work with all version of iyagi.

Future features will be banning users / badwords using this tool . right now it can only remove or modify posts.

bbs reopened

2018.09.14 [Fri] 20:25
in /meta/

iyagi BBS has been updated to include the following features:

You can browse /bbs/ at http://4x13.net/bbs/

Subsites reopened

2018.09.11 [Tue] 01:15
in /meta/

I've reopened the /wiki/ and /gal/lery. They'll be closed again if they are abused, but until then, please enjoy the free services. If you like the software, please install it on your own server :)

New Beats

2018.09.11 [Tue] 01:00
in /tech/

Here's a new clock format I invented called "new beats".

Rather than tracking a 24 hour day with 60 minute hours of 60 seconds per minute, (from 00:00:01 -- 24:60:60) beats divides a day into "beats" ( @000 - @999). The beats time of @000 begins at UTC0; UTC0 noon is @500; and the last "beat" before midnight is @999.

A beat lasts for about 1 minute and 26 seconds.

"Wait," the reader asks; "what do you mean, UTC-0? And isn't this Swatch's beats?" Well... that's where you're wrong. Swatch's beat system came first, sure, but it's based around the idea that UTC+1 should be the basis of timekeeping because Swatch is located there. The name of Swatch Beats also reflects the true nature of Swatch's interest in beats: free advertising.

Because Swatch has done absolutely nothing to encourage the adoption or use of Beats time since the early 2000s, and because basing the day around UTC+1 is stupid, I am "forking" from Swatch Beats to New Beats.

A formal RFC may be filed in the future.

In the meanwhile, here's python code to calculate "new beats"...

import time

btime = time.strftime("%H %M %S", time.gmtime(time.time()))
btime = [int(a) for a in btime.split(" ")]
btime = int(((btime[0] * 3600) + (btime[1] * 60) + btime[2])/86.4)


See how simple it is? There's 864,000 seconds in a day, so 864000 / 86.4 = 1000.


2018.03.31 [Sat] 21:18
in /tech/

So I've been working on Lispmark some more...

and I've been working with languages that are higher level than Rust, and reading a lot of concurrent programming stuff. also been studying operating systems and comparing their source codes against each other which is rewarding

Would anyone like to help plan out the future of lispmark?

february 2018

2018.02.25 [Sun] 22:00
in /life/

Recent updates:

These past 4 months have been pretty wild. In November, I was pretty involved with a new local political group, and saw it through to its completion. In October and December I began investing time into the world of internet politics again while finishing my school term. My empiricism class wasn't anything to write home about, and my C++ / OOP class just made me hate C++ and OOP more than I already did.

current software

2017.10.28 [Sat] 00:01
in /tech/

After a fresh Linux install, here's what I'm working with:



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