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2017.07.26 [Wed] 23:30 [/tech/]
Twitter (sarcastic)

Don't use twitter!

This is half joking, but I just got banned today on twitter.

I asked someone a while back, are you retarded?

... and got hit with a ban for a report filed sometime earlier today.

Warning: offensive language follows!


2017.07.25 [Tue] 22:05 [/tech/]

Don't use Mastodon Social! ............... ........ (followup)

Aside from the UI being shit and the search function being broken, and very little usability features for migrating from twitter, finding friends, etc, Mastodon suffers from a serious administration problem.

I was one of the first hundred users in the network (which now, no doubt, has tens of thousands of members). I'm actually friends with several on the development and admin team. Knowing twitter's shortcomings and being interested in decentralized microblogging since Diaspora announced itself, you can sure bet I wanted Mastodon to succeed.

Well, what's the problem then?

It's a safe space for witches, furries, SJW, crybabies, and infinigender chumps.

After making a series of "toots" (stupid name) about why the new left (left-anarchists, socialists, etc) needs to reject Social Justice Warriors and significantly distance themselves from the identity politics movement in order to gain real political power, and to avoid another Hillary Clinton fiasco, I was greeted with this cheerful message:

No explanation. No warning. No email. And no violation of their stated policies (aside from, we reserve the right to remove a user from our service at any time, we're decentralized so just pick the server you want / host your own, etc etc). I wasn't using slurs. I wasn't abusing users or marginalized groups. I wasn't stalking, leading witch hunts, calling for violence, or anything of that nature -- simply saying that a division needs to occur in non-mainstream leftist politics.

I'm a Patreon contributor. I've donated scripts, code, etc to encourage adoption. I've converted a bunch of people to the service and remained optimistic. But now, ironically, I've been instabanned mysteriously from the platform that people join when they fear being instabanned mysteriously from Twitter.

Fuck you Eugen Rochko. Mastodon.social sucks. You suck.

Follow up: He got me banned on twitter for this post.


2017.05.13 [Sat] 23:00 [/tech/]

For one reason or another, my mouse buttons on my thinkpad have been acting up

So here's my workaround:

#UseHook On

What I have:

It's pretty decent.... worth investigating if you ever have the same issue.

2017.03.29 [Wed] 01:00 [/tech/]
xfce hotkeys

Here are my hotkeys which I've added to XFCE to make it more keyboard friendly.

Get dmenu (source), described as an efficient dynamic menu for X.

xfce4-keyboard-settings > Application Shortcuts 

dmenu_run       Super+f
seamonkey       Super+s
xfce4-terminal  Super+t
xkill           Super+q

xfce4-settings-editor > xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts

<Super>a     tile_left_key
<Super>d     tile_right_key
<Super>e     hide_window_key
<Super>w     maximize_window_key

2017.02.25 [Sat] 19:35 [/tech/]
new forum

I also wanted to add:

a new forum is in development. It's intended to be a light, classic webforum.

JS wizards are invited to contribute code...

2016.12.03 [Sat] 09:00 [/tech/]
Essential software

So I thought I'd make a list of software which I find really useful...



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