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2017.07.26 [Wed] 23:30 [/tech/]
Twitter (sarcastic)

Don't use twitter!

This is half joking, but I just got banned today on twitter.

I asked someone a while back, are you retarded?

... and got hit with a ban for a report filed sometime earlier today.

Warning: offensive language follows!

Some interesting links:

These indicate to me that the presence of certain terms does not trigger a ban in itself, but that tweets with politically incorrect terms can be reported by users to result in a ban.

Due to the facts that I've never been banned before in my 10 years of Twitter experience (!), that there's dozens of instances of me, my friends, or trolls calling each other retarded in the past....... and that this happened within 24 hours of my Mastodon post, which I tweeted to Eugen Rochko..........

I believe that social justice warrior Eugen Rochko (gargron / mastodon.social) tried to get me banned on Twitter for the blog post I made about his crappy ass hugbox, which brings him several thousand dollars monthly on Patreon.

Shame on you!

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